Overnight Camp Contests

It's Spirit and Fun for Everyone!

Got spirit? We really hope so! At every Overnight Camp, you'll experience daily activities that will encourage you to tap into your creativity and heighten your spirit and enthusiasm for your school. Plan now to participate in activities such as:

  • Home Dance Contest - Always a camp favorite... participate in the optional home routine contest to see who has the best moves. For complete Home Dance Routine guidelines, visit the FAQ section.
  • Dorm Room Door Decorating Contest - Let the spirit move you by decing your dorm room doors with spirit signs, banners, streamers, etc. to diplay your wildest school spirit ever!
  • Spirit Banner Contest - We'll be looking for the most creative display of school spirit via a banner to be hung throughout camp at the instructional site.
  • Fun/Theme Day Contest - Think you've got what it takes to dawn your best display of wild and whacky spirit on day two of camp? Then show us by participating to include this year's theme - HIPPIES VS HIPSTERS!
  • Excite Night Contest - Give us your best at a squad lip-synch or make it about who on your team has talent galour to share on the last evening of camp. Start planning to participate in this camp tradition that is always a memorable hit! Note: for complete Excite Night guidelines, visit the Camp FAQs.