Type: Traditional "Game Day" 2 Night/3 Day Extended Format

Date(s): July 16 - July 18, 2018

Location: Baldwin Wallace University • Berea, OH

Number of Days: 3

Mascot: No


Resident Student: $344.00

Resident Coach: $344.00

Commuter Student: $244.00

Commuter Coach: $159.00

  • Coaches come FREE - Coaches may attend complimentary with the following (To redeem free coaches reward, you must enter  code OCOACH18 when registering):
8-16 athletes registered      1 FREE Coach
17-32 athletes registered      2 FREE Coaches
33-48 athletes registered      3 FREE Coaches
  • NEW! Special Gift Offer for Coaches: Free custom licensed mix music (45s) perfect for competitions, pep rallies, parades, special performances and more. *Note: One per attending organization. A $125 value just for attending camp CheerSounds
  • FREE Coach's Gift Pack to include free coaches manual complete with summer camp material picture guide, dvd, music cd and much more! *Note: One material dvd per attending organization
  • Earn daily and weekly awards including the ultimate award, the InBid, and help pay your way to the InterNational Championship in 2018
  • All-American Dream Team selections and Performance Opportunities
  • Air-conditioned dorm accomodations
  • Instructional site - rotational indoor (air-conditioned) / outdoor site
  • Camp location website: www.bw.edu

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