Introducing CheerTime!

CheerTime! is a vlog about all things cheer. Brought to you by AmeriCheer summer staffers, we give you tips and helpful hints to make you a stronger and better cheerleader.


Episode 1 - How To: Cheer Hair
Episode 2 - Game Day Make-Up Tips 
Episode 3 - Guest Vlogger Episode with Brax Fundraising 
Episode 4 - How To: Becoming a Better Tailgate Cheerleader 
Episode 5 Part 1 - How To: Apply Game Day Make-Up
Episode 5 Part 2 - How To: Apply Game Day Make-Up

Meet Our CheerTime! Vloggers

AmeriCheer Head Instructor
Marshall University Cheerleader
Twitter: @AmeriCarrie
AmeriCheer Head Instructor
University of Cincinnati
Alumni Cheerleader
Twitter: @AmeriKelli
AmeriCheer Summer Staffer
Syracuse University Cheerleader
Twitter: @AmeriStephanie

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