2017-2018 Competition Calendar

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2017-2018 AmeriCheer Family of Brands Events

*All information tentative until September 1, 2017.

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Type: InterNational Championship

Date(s): March 24 - March 25, 2018

Location: Walt Disney World Resort • Lake Buena Vista, FL


*All information tentative until September 1, 2017.

Event details coming soon!


The following awards are given:

  • Every competitor and coach receives a gift:
  • Over $300,000 awarded in cash, scholarships and gifts
  • $500 cash awards for overall dance, all star cheer and school cheer Grand Champions
  • $500 awarded to the following Champion teams: All Star Senior Level 5 & 6 Cheer Teams; Varsity School Cheer Teams; Rec Senior Cheer Teams; All Star Senior Dance Teams; School Senior Dance Teams; Rec Senior Dance Teams. (There must be at least 5 teams in the division for cheer or dance team champions to be eligible for the cash prize).
  • $500 awarded to the All Star Senior Cheer Individual; School/Rec Senior Individual; Senior Dance Soloists. (There must be at least 5 teams in the division for cheer or dance team champions to be eligible for the cash prize).
  • InterNational Champion Teams win a Trophy, Jackets, Medals and Banner
  • InterNational High Point Champion Teams receive a Trophy, Banner and Patches
  • InterNational Grand Champion Teams receive a Trophy, Banner and Medals
  • Each Cheer and Dance Team, Individual, Duo, Stunt Group, Soloist and Ensemble receives a trophy.
  • Spirited Program of the Year Awarded
  • US Finals PAID BID to select Grand Champions!
  • US Finals Qualifying bids to teams placing in each division!
  • Paid invitations to The Title event
    • 3 half paid invitations
    • 10 At-Large invitations



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The Family of Brands Competition Registration Guidelines and Policies

Cancellation & Refund: A full refund will be granted if notice of cancellation is received before the event registration deadline. No cancellations will be accepted by phone. Notice may be emailed to the following:

*Cancellations must be confirmed by a Family of Brands Staff Manager in order to be valid.

Registration Deadlines:

  • All AmeriCheer, AmeriDance and Eastern Cheer & Dance competition registration deadlines are 3 weeks prior to the event.
  • All STUDIO LIVE! Competitions registration deadlines are 4 weeks prior to the event.
  • For the InterNational Championship, please reference the InterNationals Pricing and Policy page of the website.

Inclement Weather Policy: In the event that a competition has to be re-scheduled or cancelled due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances, all registration fees will be applied to future events. No refunds will be given.

Music Policy:

Family of Brands Music Policy

Recently, USA Cheer has released their Music Copyrights Educational Initiative, our Family of Brands as members of the cheer and dance industry, have committed to sharing the information and adhering to these guidelines at all of our cheer and dance camps and competitions. Please take a moment to read our Music Policy as it pertains to all events and also to click on the links provided to learn more about copyright laws as they pertain to music.

For More Information Visit usacheer.net.

*AmeriCheer, AmeriDance & Eastern Cheer and Dance will be adhering to all copyright laws and guidelines related to the music industry.  By signing the Registering for a Family of Brands Competition/Camp, you will be acknowledging (along with other items) that your organization is in compliance with all copyright laws and guidelines related to the music industry.  By acknowledging your compliance, you may or may not be asked to provide documented proof.  If such documented proof cannot be supplied upon request, your organization may receive a penalty as outlined in our General Rules & Guidelines.  Should you have questions about this policy or for more information please call our offices.*

Register Your Organization and Athletes

All AmeriCheer, AmeriDance, and Eastern Cheer & Dance events are sanctioned by the USASF. All cheer and dance all star organizations must register their organization and athletes with the USASF.  Click the logo above for more information.

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Qualify for The U.S. Finals

AmeriCheer, AmeriDance, and Eastern Cheer & Dance were founding members of the NLCC and Final Destination. In 2008, the NLCC and Jam Brands partnered to produce The U.S. Finals-The Final Destination.  

Many of the AmeriCheer Family of Brands' competitions are U.S. Finals bid qualifying events!

U.S. Finals Bids
Bids are earned at qualifying events.  Once received, you will earn either a paid bid or discounted bids towards The U.S. Finals.

For more information, check out www.theusfinals.com