AmeriCheer University Coaches Program


Great Teams Come from Great Coaches!

Camp isn’t just for cheerleaders - it’s for coaches too! That is why at every AmeriCheer camp we mold you to be the best you can be by equiping you with all you need for instant success. We'll provide everything you need to know about running a spirit program and coaching your team(s) through daily interactive coaching sessions and round table discussions pertinent to today's cheerleading.


Exclusive Special Offer Just for Coaches!

Free custom licensed mix music (45s) perfect for competitions, pep rallies, parades, special performances and more. *Note: One per attending organization. A $125 value just for attending camp CheerSounds

Leave Camp with a Wealth of Information, and a Bunch of FREE Stuff to include:

  • Spacious tote - great to haul all of your cheer gear around the entire year!
  • Coaches instrucional manual - comprised of everything A-Z when it comes to administering any spirit program!
  • Camp material picture guide - complete with every word and every motion accompaning every cheer and sideline learned at camp plus bonus material!
  • Camp material DVD and music CD - containing our complete repertoire of summer camp material and dance music for the 2017-2018 school year! (Material DVDs are limited to one per organization)
  • Informative monthly email updates - complete with online resources to assist you with all things cheer!


Save with AmeriCheer! We Appreciate You

Our Customer Appreciation Program (CAP) rewards you* for being loyal to our brands. 

*Visit AmeriCheer.com/cap for more information.


Join the VIP Club!

When you attend an AmeriCheer summer camp for three (3) consecutive years, you're in! It's that simple. VIP members receive special discounts and perks. Launch your membership to PLATINUM status and receive even MORE perks when you refer a new organization* to an AmeriCheer/Eastern summer camp!

*Visit AmeriCheer.com/vip for details on how you can be a part of this prestigious club! 



CheerSounds is the official music mix provider for AmeriCheer's and AmeriDance's Summer Camps.  Check them out for your music mixes!  

"My squad had a definite problem with confidence when entering cmap and the instructors turned that around for them. Even though their job is very hard, they are definitely changing lives. Because of them, my squad did a one-eighty. So a sincere heartfelt thank you to AmeriCheer and all involved for reshaping and changing lives."

Mandy Porter
Tusky Valley High School